Thursday, February 25, 2016

Starting on the new room

My mom came down for a weekend this January to help us paint and wallpaper the girls' new room. I had initially thought of putting Jane straight into Eleanor's old room, but decided it would be better in the long run to do a room for both girls now that will last them for (hopefully) years to come. The thought was to go with twin beds so that we would have space for both girls in one room. We ended up deciding to put the girls in our current guest room and move the guest room into the current nursery. For now, we plan to leave the crib in the guest room (nursery) at least until Jane is reliably sleeping through the night.

My mom came down on a Friday evening and since I had done all the prep work, we got the room painted in just a couple hours. Eleanor was very eager to help.

We thought since the painting had gone so well and quickly, so would the papering part. Boy were we wrong. After wallpapering just one wall, I now know that I will never do it again. It takes so long and has to be so precise! In fact, we ended up having to tear down one whole panel because it came out looking so poorly.

Definitely a very difficult process, and not a lot of fun either. At the end though, I loved the look of having wallpaper in the room and fell in love with the wallpaper even more! My friend Jenni helped pick it out with some specifications - I didn't want it to be pink but still wanted it to be girly. She then designed all the details of the girls' room - the part that I have never been good at as I am a large picture person. I will post more on the finished room when I can and post a link to her pictures/post, which she has all the details and much better pictures than mine!

Eleanor took this picture of us once we had finished laaaaate in the day, hence it being a little crooked:


Dorothy said...

So fun to have a small part in helping!

Patty said...

Well, I know it was a painful project but it sure was worth the effort! I have never wallpapered and don't think I ever will. So sweet that E got to help with her own room.