Thursday, March 10, 2016

CAA Tournament

We headed up to Baltimore this past weekend for the CAA tournament. We left Friday afternoon (W&M didn't play Friday) after Chris got home from work.

We got together with other fans at Pratt St Ale House for a pre-game get together. We did a little walking in Baltimore, but not much because it was quite cold! We had a picture of Eleanor in this yellow boat two years ago and she was so excited about it this time.

We got to watch two games (W&M sadly lost in the semi-finals on Sunday after playing a really competitive game against Hofstra. It was heartbreaking). Chris had a few friends who were former players the same years he played in town, so it was also a bit of a mini reunion.

Those fine looking gentlemen went out for a night on the town after we won in the quarter finals. 

We enjoyed all the joys of being with babies on the road like skipped naptimes, cranky meltdowns, blowing out diapers during lunch before the games...Jane's like, "who me??"

But we also enjoyed all the perks of small kids on the road, like the pure joy of being together at the tournament. Eleanor with her basketball buddy (her dad is also one of Chris' former teammates) who made the trip up, too:

Overall we had a great time. Baltimore isn't my favorite city, but the tournament is headed to Charleston next year, so we're hoping we'll be able to make that journey! It's so bittersweet to reach the end of the basketball season every year. It provides so much fun and entertainment in our family, but by February we start getting tired of the hassle of coordinating my work schedule with the season, as well as the emotional highs and lows. Thankfully, the weather is generally starting to turn the corner to spring by the end of the season so we've got a little outdoor fun to look forward to.


Dorothy said...

Good times. Great season for the Tribe!

LA-jan said...

Precious last picture! What great traditions for your family!

Patty said...

Emotional highs and lows for sure. So glad we got to go! Great pics!