Wednesday, March 26, 2014

CAA tournament

We went up to Baltimore for the CAA tournament two weekends ago. The Tribe got a bye on Friday night, but played Saturday, Sunday, and then in the championship game Monday night. We lost by a heartbreaking 1 point to Delaware at the buzzer, just missing out on our first ever bid to the NCAA tournament. I think we were all in a little shock and more than disappointed after Monday's game. I really hope it happens next year, though we won't be there - me for the first time in nine years, and for Chris, ten. At least we can say it will be for a good reason: Chris' brother will be getting married that weekend next year!

Eleanor was a social media star that weekend, making quite a few twitter debuts that many people I didn't know in the least retweeted and favorited. In fact, at church on Sunday, people I didn't know, but who knew Eleanor from the nursery came up and commented to me about seeing her - I really had no idea. Besides being a star on social media, she was truly a star human being that weekend. I was concerned about taking her to the tournament given that she would likely have to nap and sleep and eat all around our and our family's schedules, as well as be overstimulated by being around a lot of people and basketball. I needn't have been worried. She didn't have a single meltdown despite being kept up late for family pictures and basketball games, held off from naps to see family, and woken up from naps to get to games or events. She has literally grown up around sports, heading to at least one football or basketball game almost every week of her life so far. I know I am bragging about her right now, but seriously, I've never been around another baby as flexible and happy as she is - she's awesome. When the game gets loud, she just sits there talking her head off and smiling at everyone who's willing to look at her. For luck, Eleanor wore the same socks, hat, and onesie (all W&M gear) to all three games.

She also rocked her first pony tail while we were there, and the aftermath of the ponytail was a slight mohawk :)

Around the tournament, we were able to spend some time at Chris' family's house. His twin sisters were home for spring break and his other siblings and their spouse and fiancee came over, so for the first time, the extended Stratton family was under one roof together. This happened last at Ashleigh's and Jessie's high school graduation, but Eleanor was in the belly at the time. You better believe there were pictures taken, by the girls' talented friend Lance (thank you!!).

Eleanor got to spend some quality time with her aunts and uncles and grandparents, which was wonderful.
(This last one taken from Auntie Erika's instagram feed - but I mean, so cute, right??)

Hanging with the Stratton ladies before they headed out to a tea together (these pictures taken by Jessie, or at least on her camera as she's in two of them).

We also, on the way up to Baltimore one afternoon, were able to stop by The Pretzel Bakery in D.C. where Eleanor's Uncle Jonny works to get pretzels. They were awesome.

And, of course, we did a little site seeing around Baltimore while we were there. Our hotel was in walking distance to both the arena and the inner harbor, so it provided some good outdoor entertainment for us over the weekend.

All in all, it was a great trip despite a pretty devastating loss on Monday night. We'll get 'em next year.


Dorothy said...

Looks like such a fun weekend with family! All the picture are great. Is someone hiding in that boat to hold up Eleanor? I guess she can sit up all alone now!

Patty said...

What great pictures. I'm glad our little girl was the star at the tournament...though she is everywhere she goes, I think!

Patty said...

The pony tail and the mohawk...adorable!!

jennie said...

awesome pics! Great job Eleanor and next year, tribe!

maggie said...

what beautiful family photos! love the ponytail shots!