Monday, March 7, 2016

February wrap-up

February was mostly dedicated to the end of the regular basketball season and the room switches. It was pretty cold with a few random warm, sunny days sprinkled in just to tease us about spring coming.

Here is a picture of Eleanor a friend gave me from a party. This pretty much sums up our winter. Static hair, don't care!

We spent lots of time with friends, both inside and outside.

Eleanor tried to be very helpful during the room swaps, pulling out daddy's tools and "fixing" things. She "fixed" this drawer with a screw driver every morning for like three days in a row. "I'm using the shoo driver because it's dangerous because I get germs on it. Thank you I fixed it. I gotta fix this for Jane." - Eleanor

This wee one is getting big sitting up with the older babies during nursery at church!

Her middle is getting rounder too, as we can no longer button her jeans!

Jane is still not a huge fan of prayer time at night because Eleanor spends the whole time trying to hold her hand and kiss her face in a sweet, but not entirely graceful manner.

Jane is wearing her auntie Erika's outfit from when she was a baby. We have a picture of Eleanor in it when she was small, too.

We're still having to bundle up for walks whenever the weather turns back to cold. Can't wait til spring!

Jane got her first pedicure. It was a little messy, but Eleanor really wanted her to have her nails painted.

This girls has rolls in the middle of her forearm. I'm pretty sure she can't get any rounder.

Eleanor is loving shopping and often begs Chris to take only her to the grocery store.

Jane is quite desperate to start food. We'll be doing that this month in March! We attempted the baby cereal but Jane has flat out rejected it (every day for several weeks in a row).

We celebrated Valentine's Day with our annual french toast for dinner and heart shaped cookies!

Our neighbor friends had a birthday party and it was a blast to get together with all the kids in a giant room they could all run around.

Chris and I celebrated being together for TEN YEARS this month. We started dating in February of 2006. Our lives look quite a bit different, but it's been a grand ten years - the best I've had.

Eleanor is still loving her school aka Mom's Morning Out. She asks to go just about every day.

During what was supposed to be a nap, Eleanor tore up a library book and lost book privileges for awhile.

Chris was the color commentator at the last William & Mary game of the season. He practiced a bit on a few women's games and then game the men's one a shot. He really enjoyed it! At the same game, my neighbor and I won tickets the the CAA tournament during a media time out.

Gaby and Auntie Paula came down to visit this month. Auntie Paula hadn't yet met Jane, so we had a blast having them here for the day! They even brought dinner, and you know me, I never turn down help anymore with these girls giving me a run for my money. We walked around Williamsburg, had lunch with Chris, and just enjoyed some time playing together.

Eleanor helped Chris grill on a nice warm day.

As you can see, the month has been busy but a blast. We are looking forward to getting outside more as the weather gets nicer and less bundling up!


Dorothy said...

These monthly updates are great! So many fun memories. Love the picture of the kids all in the crib and Eleanor helping with the shoo driver!! Congratulations on 10 wonderful years!

Lauren Hall said...

Happy 10 years!! Look at what a life you've built together :) Pretty amazing - thank you for sharing!

Patty said...

What wonderful pictures. The crib one is great and Jane looks so grown up sitting in the chair at the church nursery. You are so blessed to be surrounded by so many friends!