Friday, April 22, 2016

Junior Park Ranger Day

One of our friends gave us the heads up that Jamestown Island was having free admission last weekend for it's Jr. Park Ranger Day. I had seen Jamestown Island several times from the river, have biked around the Island many, many times (Jane's first bike ride), and have been to the actual settlement once before when my grandparents visited, but that was years ago and I was definitely ready to go back. It was a beautiful day outside so we were really happy to have something fun to do outside for the day. We didn't really coordinate with anyone because we rode our bikes there and back and didn't know how smoothly it would go, but ended up being there at the same time as several of our friends.

Eleanor didn't become a Jr. Park Ranger because several of the activities were too involved for her, but she did have lots of fun doing some arts and crafts and games. She made a bowl out of clay, a bracelet, a corn husk doll, a cup and ball game, did lots of coloring, and played bocce, ring toss, and corn husk darts.

She also got to participate in an "archaeology dig" where she found glass and coins and learned some traditional dances. This whole event is put on by Jamestown High School kids and it is absolutely wonderful. They did a fantastic job.

Of course we spent lots of time just walking around near the river, on brick ruins, climbing on stuff, and jumping off stuff.

Overall it really was a fantastic day. Jane got a little sunburned on her cheeks (oops!) but didn't seem to mind. Eleanor just browned up a bit - she has never gotten sunburned in her life, lucky girl. Both kids passed out in the bike trailer on the way home and slept for a long time in the afternoon.


Dorothy said...

What a great day! Looks like Eleanor had a great day.

Dorothy said...

What a great day! Looks like Eleanor had a great day.

Patty said...

You all are certainly blessed to have so many wonderful friends. What fun activities!