Monday, May 16, 2016

Jane is eight months old

Jane is eight months old now! She is a big girl, wearing both 9 and 12 month clothes. She is finally quite stable sitting up on her own, unless Eleanor gets involved and decides to tickle her. She also got her first two teeth in on the bottom on May 1st and 3rd. Eleanor likes to call them Jane's "sharpy-sharps." She also loves grabbing her feet and putting her toes in her mouth. In terms of food, she has gone back to rejecting most food we attempt on a spoon, turning her head away and clamping her mouth shut. She does seem to do well if she is allowed to pick it up herself or if she is watching someone else eat it first. She is quite heavy though and certainly is not lacking in calories.

She is becoming quite vocal when she wants something and cries when Eleanor takes something away from her. Gone are the days where Eleanor can do what she wants to sweet Jane. We are working on "trading" instead of "taking" right now. She loves the jumper that hangs in the doorway between our kitchen and dining room and will stay jumping in there for long stretches of time. She still mainly naps twice a day but occasionally we have pushed it to one if we have something going on. She generally sleeps through the night except when there is teething or sickness going on, but still, intervention generally involves giving her the pacifier and she rolls back over and goes right back to sleep. She can put her own pacifier in her mouth now, and has been working hard on her pincer grasp since she started sitting in the high chair at dinner time. It seems like she would love to crawl, but isn't holding herself up on her hands and knees yet, so I think it could still take some time.

Eleanor at eight months for comparison:

Jane at onetwothreefourfive, six, and seven months old.


Dorothy said...

Oh I love picture #5 of her sitting up! Such a sweet smiles! That last one of her is so precious. Can't wait to see her and snuggle next weekend!

Patty said...

Oh, sweet, smiley Jane! Love the one of her sitting up. The close ups of her face are gorgeous. Can't wait to hug her again!

maggie said...

What a happy little girl!