Thursday, April 13, 2017

Ghost girls

Eleanor was a ghost for Halloween two years ago. This is still her favorite costume to date and it makes a reappearance in our house every couple of months. Most recently though, Jane decided that she wanted to dress up like a ghost, too, but since we only have one ghost costume, we've had to improvise. Her blanket is mostly white so we wrap that around her and we found a white-ish baby bonnet in the girls' drawers that we tie on her head. She loves it and she and Eleanor run around chasing each other. It was really hard to get pictures of them because they were constantly in motion, but it seems appropriate that most of these are blurry and out of focus given that they were trying to be ghosts. 


Dorothy said...

They are the cutest ghosts!

LA-jan said...


Patty said...

Love the creative play!!