Monday, February 5, 2018

Ben and Rosie smile

One of the things about the twins being born early is that they take much longer to do things. Their neck control wasn't very good before 8-10 weeks, and they still sometimes get tired of holding their head up. Eye contact is very seldom (whereas I feel like the other girls were consistently making eye contact by 6 or 7 weeks) and smiles are few and far between. This season is hard and busy. Thankfully we have had a community around us that has stepped in to help. Just the other day my neighbor (mom of triplets - so she understands!) took Eleanor and Jane for two hours in the afternoon to play. It was absolutely amazing! Anyway, we are loving the twins despite how hard this season is and they are now starting to smile, which is just such a gift in the day to day of having four kids four and under.

These two have such different mannerisms and personalities already, but we can't imagine life without both of them together.


Lauren said...

I needed this post! I can't get enough pictures of these two :) I'm glad you have such a great community around you. Can't wait to see them smile more often!

Dorothy said...

They are definitely paying attention! Love Rosie's big smile. Ben's looks like he is half asleep:) I bet any time when you get help is so welcome. These two are adorable!!