Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Candy and Sugar go Bowling

A couple weeks ago, or possibly even over a month ago, the local bowling alley in Farmville was giving away free games to anyone attending an H-S basketball game if they ended up winning.  The owner happens to be a huge fan and supporter of the team, and while I'm pretty atrocious at bowling, the team won, and I wasn't about to let my free bowling go to waste! Plus, Erika was in town so I had someone to go with!

It started out pretty miserably...
Out of my first 5 frames, I think I threw at least 6 or 7 gutter balls out of my 10 rolls.

Erika just dominated.
Not to be outdone, I eventually threw a spare!!

Oh, did I forget to mention we named ourselves Candy and Sugar?? It's the little things you do to keep yourselves entertained on a Saturday night in Farmville :)

The back half of my game was remarkably better than my front half, but regardless - it was fun!


LA-jan said...

You bowl girl!

Patty said...

the names are a riot! I hope you get to go bowling again soon!!