Thursday, February 11, 2010

February Basketball Update

Another month has gone by and it's time for your basketball update.
Last night the Tigers played Roanoke College and won. The game turned out to be very interesting!

As everyone who reads this knows, VA has been hit hard by snow many weekends and weekdays in a row now. We are sliding on the roads into work, or hunkering down because we don't all have big brothers nice enough to shovel our streets for us to get out. Schools in our county have been closed for 9 week days straight with no end in sight yet; however, the Tigers have not missed a game. Though we've had to bum rides from people with 4-wheel drive, reschedule games earlier in the day to get back on the road, and change venues due to the ridiculous amount of snowfall - the games have gone on without ceasing thus far.

Last night's game was no exception. Early in the day, Roanoke shut down their gym due to "too much snow on the rooftop" (read: unsafe) and they moved the game to Hollins University (also in Roanoke). [Update: I was told through Google buzz this morning that it's because Roanoke's roof actually cracked:!] Now, Hollins is an all-female college, and despite concerns that they wouldn't have the men's 3-point line, we headed out there. Thankfully, they did, so no one had to tape the line down - but that would have been interesting :)

The gym was tiny, so we were packed into small bleachers and there was no radio equipment hook-ups. Our radio announcer had to broadcast the game through cell phones! The head coach's wife's in the 1st half, and then mine in the 2nd. Good thing Chris and I don't use very many minutes each month - we had some to spare! Improvisation was flying during the game, and everything went off without a hitch.

One of the highlights of the game (besides winning, of course!), was that our friends, Cassidy and Ryan drove over to hang out and watch!

We haven't seen them since last summer - so thanks guys!! We loved catching up!

Speaking again on the Tiger's season - despite having one of the most difficult schedules in the country this year, the Tigers still have a winning record of 12-11 overall (7-7 in conference play). There are now only two regular season match-ups left before tournament play begins. Let us know if you want to come! (One will be close to Richmond, the other at H-S.)

The next update you'll get will be a season wrap-up - we're nearing the end! If you want to listen or watch a game online, you can do so on the website by clicking on their schedule.


Patty said...

Great post and a great win last night. Congrats on a great season and so nice to see firends coming out to support you!

jennie said...

sounds like a lot of good improvising! way to go Hampton Sydney for playing through all the snow!

Dorothy said...

Great news! A win - where ever you have to go, is always welcome! Congrats!

Liz said...

congratulations on a well-deserved win! so the women's three point line is different? i have lots to learn :)