Thursday, September 15, 2016

Jane is one year old!

Jane is one year old! Where did this year go? Jane's first year went by so much faster than Eleanor's! She weighs 23 pounds, 7 ounces (91st percentile!!), is 29.25 inches long (52nd percentile and 43.6% of the way to my adult height), and her head circumference is 17.75 inches (55th percentile).

Jane is pulling up on everything and constantly seems to want to be on her feet. She is cruising slowly around furniture and loves to walk using her walker. She is not standing unassisted though, or taking any steps yet. She is on the move though and crawls much faster than her sister ever did. She also has recently decided that she hates swings. This poor girl used to love them, but now as soon as you put her on one (even if she is in my lap), her entire body tenses, she starts shaking, and then the tears and screaming start. I have no idea how this happened. Jane is starting to babble more. She regularly says, "mama," "dada," and "ah-nah" which I really think might be "Eleanor." Her favorite thing to do (still) is dance - this girl will groove to anything, be it a song, a commercial, or a jingle in the middle of the grocery store. She loves prayer time with Eleanor in her crib just before she goes to bed - they both bounce and dive around and giggle a lot. Jane loves to laugh, especially when you kiss her belly or tickle her. Perhaps the thing she loves most of all though is food. Jane out eats Eleanor every night at dinner, putting away at least twice what her big sister eats and at least twice as fast.

Jane's hair is getting longer and thicker, and has a bit of a curl to it. This is shocking to me as Eleanor's was always stick straight. She still only has two teeth but I can see her top four central teeth beneath the gums and as we've had two bloody mouth incidents in the last couple days, I'm guessing they'll be in any day. She is napping once or twice a day depending on what we have going on that day and sleeps from about 7:30 pm to just after 6:30 am each night.

Eleanor at twelve months for comparison:

Jane at onetwothreefourfive, sixseveneightnineten, and eleven months old.


Lauren Hall said...

Happy birthday Jane!!! I can't believe she's one year old!! Gahhh where has the time gone. I hope she had a great day - love you!

Dorothy said...

Oh I love this girl! What cutie pie...that smile!!! Love her first words:)

Patty said...

Just love the beautiful, up close shots! Can't wait to see her!