Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fifteen months

Eleanor had her fifteen month check up at the doctor this week and ended up having to get three shots :( Only one more shot to go before she is free and clear until she starts school! Eleanor is now 31 inches long (62nd percentile and 46% of the way to my adult height) and weighs 21 pounds, 3 ounces (21st percentile).

Eleanor uses lots and lots of words now, new ones include cracker, dance, please, teeth, eat, thank you, banana, basketball, cheese, blueberry, baby, water/agua (not sure which she is saying, but she means water), and perhaps her new favorite, no. There are many other words, but they're hard to keep up with! She also says lots of names now, particularly her friends Hannah and Amelia, and then Papa. Her newest feat is doing animal noises. She knows that cats say "meow," dogs say "woof woof," horses say "neigh," cows say "moo," ducks say "quack quack," and lots of others. She can also point to body parts: head, hair, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, belly, knees, and toes.

As I mentioned before, she started saying the word "no" a couple weeks ago and its use is in full swing now. "Eleanor, do you want to put on your jammies?" "No no no." Etc. She loves kissing and hugging. She still loves dancing and her moves get more varied the older she gets.

She only naps once a day for somewhere between 1.5 - 3 hours. She goes to bed around 7:30 and wakes up around 6:30. She now sleeps with a blanket and without a night light. Eleanor drinks all her milk, water, juice, through a sippy cup now. We have been slowly transitioning to whole milk and besides one night time feeding, she is almost weaned. She still puts everything in her mouth and loves her pacifier. She still loves fruit much more than vegetables and has unfortunately started throwing the food she doesn't want on the floor during meals. She has twelve teeth now and can chew almost everything.

Eleanor at onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnineteneleven, and twelve months.


Dorothy said...

What a healthy beautiful little girl!

LA-jan said...

Oh my! She is so grown, look how long her hair is getting!
Loving these updates!

Elizabeth said...

can't wait to see more of these dance moves :)

maggie said...

She really is a girl on the move! Glad you had a good appointment - I love hearing about her little personality!

Patty said...

I love her kisses!