Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our year in review - 2010

As always - this time a few days late due to our pictures being on a back-up hard drive because we haven't gotten our new computer yet - here is a glimpse into the past year of our life in pictures... (For previous years, click here: 2008, 2009.)

January -  It snowed a TON, our main water line burst and flooded the front yard, our yard was dug up to replace the pipe.  Lots of basketball games.

February - It snowed a lot more; I drove home for my brother's birthday and he ended up spending his weekend shoveling our entire street so I could get home.  Our basement flooded, the dryer broke, the front yard was roped off because the ground was still frozen so they couldn't fill in the ditch, BUT  my grandparents came to visit from Texas, and I enjoyed a fun trip to Chicago to hang out with some lovely ladies!

March - Mini-vacation to Wintergreen; the Tribe made the NIT and we went to Chapel Hill to see the game; went to Harrisonburg to visit Lauren.

April - Williamsburg for the annual Tribe Basketball alumni weekend, UNC to visit Chris' sister Erika, our front yard finally starts looking somewhat decent again!

May - A bridal shower for our friends, pool season starts.

June - Mini-vacation to Virginia Beach, friends' wedding in Williamsburg, I donate my hair to Locks for Love and get to play Pin Dodge with a Redskin.  We move out of our house in Farmville into a storage shed and begin our summer on the road.  Stops in June include:  Bethlehem, PA; Boston, Cape Cod, Lexington and Concord, and Plymouth, MA; New Haven, CT; and Newport, RI.

July - Our reliance on others' hospitality while we are without a place continues with a trip through the south to Texas to visit my grandparents.  We spend our second wedding anniversary in California for a family reunion and Chris is offered and accepts a new job!

August - We fly to Chicago to see some of our closest friends tie the knot, head to Emerald Isle, NC with Chris' family for vacation, I start back up at work and we find a new place to live; moving in about mid-way through the month.

September - Chris heads to Vegas for a friend's bachelor party, another wedding, we see Toby Keith thanks to tickets from a friend.

October - Last wedding of the year, family comes to visit and we get to see my cousin in concert, friends come visit for Halloween weekend.

November - Friends come to visit, Thanksgiving break rolls around and we go home to see our families, we tour Air Force Two.

December - Christmas!  We spend the longest Christmas break we've ever gotten (two weeks!!) at home; Eric gets Duncan, his new kitten, and we close out the old year with family and friends.

Obviously we've been very blessed this year.  We've lived in two different places (though one seemed to be falling apart as we moved out!), had a stressful summer turn into something incredibly memorable where wonderful family and friends put us up and allowed us to live in their basement while we scouted for a permanent place, had the opportunity to travel to several places I've never been before and many that I have, and Chris found a job that he is loving.  As this is the longest post ever I will try to wrap up - but despite various stressful situations and unexpected circumstances, I only look back at this past year with unbelievable memories.  We didn't expect many things this past year to go the way they did, but the year was an awesome reminder that God provides and takes care of us and even when we think things are going "wrong", they often turn out better than we could have imagined.  So that being said, here's to 2011!


maggie said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading this!!! Thanks for reminding me of so many great, great memories! Cheers to 2011! :)

Dorothy said...

What a busy year! And so many good times. It's been fun sharing so many of them with you!

jennie said...

what a great year in review! it certainly brought back awesome memories!

LA-jan said...

That was another great review! Thanks for that!

Stina said...

what a busy year! so great to be able to look back and see the good that came out of trials!