Monday, January 1, 2018

Our year in review - 2017

This year was so rewarding and challenging. We welcomed two new members of our family - Ben and Rosie - but the months leading up to their arrival were physically demanding for me and exhausting for Chris while he picked up my slack. Eleanor stretches and grows daily and is enjoying a newfound independence attending preschool three mornings a week, and Jane, while she remains one of the happiest children I've ever met, has also entered the tantrum stage and has become increasingly opinionated. We are so thankful for all the time we've been able to spend with friends and family this year, and all the opportunities we've had to enjoy life.

(For past years, click the following links: 201620152014201320122011201020092008.)

January: We spent New Years with friends, and had the biggest snow storm Williamsburg has gotten in over 30 years. We spent lots of time outside (both in and out of the snow). 

February: We celebrated Lauren's wedding!!! Eleanor got older, we celebrated Charter Day at W&M, and visited Bluebird Gap Farm.

March: We went to the National Zoo with Auntie Erika! We had visitors all the way from California. Jane got older, and we embraced our city one weekend.

April: Grandma came down to visit and we went to Busch Gardens, One Tribe One Day happened, Eleanor cut her hair and started gymnastics again for the summer, and we celebrated Earth Day on campus and Easter with friends.

May: We went strawberry picking, river beach season started, my sister came to visit before she moved, and we went to Harrisonburg to see Ashleigh and Jessie graduate! Shug and Grandma came down for visits, Eleanor finished her last day of Mom's Morning Out, and family came down for Memorial Day.

June: Father's Day was low key, lots of swimmingfield hockey clinics started for the littles, I had a Girl's Reunion weekend with my college roommates and while I was gone, Chris made my favorite video to date: Dadurday. We went to Leesburg to say goodbye to my sister before she moved, 

July: We celebrated the 4th of July, Gaby came down to visit, Chris and I celebrated our 9th anniversary and Grandma came to babysit so we could go out to dinner. Eleanor learned how to swim and go off the diving board. We also did Vacation Bible School for the first time!

August: We visited Chris' family in Lorton, went to San Diego to see my sister's new digs (day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5), Eleanor turned FOUR, and we went to Emerald Isle and had a blast!

September: Eleanor started pre-school and played soccer, Jane turned TWO, and Chris' family came down for his birthday.

October: Eleanor went pumpkin picking for her first field trip, Shug came to visit, W&M Homecoming happened, and we celebrated Halloween!

November: Ben and Rosie were born! We celebrated Thanksgiving at home.  The twins had a lot of firsts, like baths. Eleanor learned to ride a bike! Our month was pretty much consumed by having newborns...

December: We did lots of holiday activities like Eleanor's Christmas pageant, went to Christmas Town, celebrated Christmas at home for the first time, and then visited family. 

It was an exciting year, but very physically taxing for me. We feel so fortunate and are looking forward to a quieter but still very full year with friends and family. The phrase that repeats in my head over and over when thinking of the past year and the year to come is from our favorite pre-dinner prayer, the doxology: 

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


Dorothy said...

Such a wonderful year!! I do love that Dadurday video too. Love these updates and love each one of you!

Lauren said...

Love these year in reviews! I need to try and start doing these. What an eventful year for the family!

maggie said...

Wow! What an amazing year for you guys! Thank you for always sharing your life with us and helping us feel connected! Wishing you a joyful and peaceful 2018!